If you are living on your own, it’s relatively easy to adjust your lifestyle to Celebrity Slim. However many of us live with others, either in a family, a relationship, or just sharing accommodation. In these situations it’s more difficult to fit your diet in around the eating habits of your co-habitants.

Practical tips to make Celebrity Slim fit more easily with your household

  • Any programme is often more successful if your partner, friend, relative are eating in a similar way. You can support each other, bounce ideas off each other and in some cases cook for each other. So if your partner, friend or relative would like to manage their weight, introduce them to this programme and start it together. It makes the whole process much easier if you can share the experience.
  • Try to fit the programme to what the rest of the household is eating, with appropriate modifications. For example, if you or a member of the household is cooking up a big pot of bolognese sauce and pasta, pass on the pasta.  Instead use some stir-fried vegetables (snow peas, diced carrots, shredded cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bean shoots), microwave or steam and substitute these for pasta.
  • If you are cooking a meat dish for the rest of your family, prepare potato, pasta or rice for them and you simply substitute it with allowable veggies.
  • If the food being prepared for the rest of the household will not fit into your diet plans, have some easy to prepare fall-back menu choices. For example, eggs and bacon are a great standby and you can do a lot with an oven, a can of tuna, some vegetables and cheese.
  • Keep plenty of allowable snacks around. You should keep a selection of cheeses, nuts, cold meats, sliced up vegies, and low carb dips in the fridge for those real craving moments! Also the Celebrity Slim snack bars are perfect for those moments where you are so close to opening the biscuit cupboard!!

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