1. Do not buy things you shouldn’t eat and have them lying around the house. You might need to ask your family for help here. If you live close to the shops, always walk and carry your groceries. It’s brilliant exercise and you will be less inclined to buy things you don’t need if you have to haul it home!
  2. Use as many fresh herbs as possible to enhance the flavour, rather than things like flavoured salts.
  3. Instead of adding more salt, use a squeeze of lemon. This will fire off similar receptors on your taste buds, but instead of clogging your arteries, you get a nice hit of Vit C.
  4. Eat a variety of colours. Mother nature has colour coded everything to help us keep track.  So use it! Usually, the more intense the colour, the more beneficial nutritionally.
  5. Please don’t grate instead of julienne (cut into short, thin strips), it makes salads limp and watery which will dilute dressing and de-intensify flavours and then you will complain that your food is bland!
  6. Take pride in cooking something simply but perfectly – have respect for your ingredients. Also remember that cooking is all about patience so it might take a few shots to get it right, so long as it’s edible, be happy.
  7. Food rituals are important. Don’t go about your kitchen in a rush banging things around and smashing freshly washed herbs on the side of the sink. Be calm and treat all your ingredients with care. You’ll be surprised how simple things like cutting your ingredients beautifully will create interesting textures and enhance flavour.
  8. Be willing to try new things so you can expand your repertoire. If you don’t you’ll grow bored with the food you’re cooking and be tempted to stray to bad foods.
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