• Clean out your cupboards and fridge to remove temptations. Get rid of pastas, rice, biscuits, bread, cakes, lollies, chocolates, ice cream, soft drinks and juices along with any other carbohydrate rich foods. By having it there you are tempting yourself and giving yourself a really tough job in particular during week 1.
  • Restock your cupboards and fridge with allowable foods – there are so many delicious snacks that you can still eat when you are hungry whilst on any phase of the programme. If you are unsure what foods you can have, refer to our Celebrity Slim Program Guide or go to to the FREE downloadable food list.
  • If you live with others, and are unable to keep your kitchen free of carbohydrate rich foods, then you could always section off part of the fridge for your own supplies of food.
  • During your first few weeks on the program, don’t plan to go out too much until you are used to your diet. If you do eat out, make this your one balanced meal, but try to stick to the balanced meal guidelines as well as you can to avoid damage.
  • If you are heading off to a party, prepare a plate of sliced up colourful vegies and dip or wrap deli meats in lettuce leaves. Your host will probably appreciate it and you have a great alternative to less healthy choices.
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