Meet Zoe, who lost nearly 5 stones (32kg) in 6 months!

“My weight loss journey with Celebrity slim started in January 2018.  At a friend’s wedding in August 2017 I saw a photo of myself wearing a size 18 purple dress. I thought I looked lovely till I saw that photo and I knew I was at my largest and not happy.”

“Starting as a size 18 weighing 15st 7lbs I got my celebrity slim shakes starter pack. I had a look at the programme and it was simple I could eat 6 times a day. I had a shake in the morning an allowable mid-morning snack. A shake for lunch, another allowable mid-afternoon snack. Then a healthy no carb dinner and finally an allowable evening snack.”

After a few weeks on the programme

“I continued this for a few weeks with a daily evening bike ride with my children as I don’t like to go to the gym I hate exercise but I know it helps, although it isn’t necessary with the Celebrity Slim ‘Trim’ programme.”

“I had very little alcohol throughout my journey and followed the plan to the book only adapting when my weight plateaued I would change the times I would have a shake like swapping lunch and dinner around, having a boiled egg for a snack helped and constantly looking for different fruit and veg as if you stick to the same food the weight didn’t move as easily.”

“It was hard at first my energy levels were low it was tough looking after 3 children and working. As the weight dropped off my energy levels improved, I have to keep my focus and push through the day, knowing the end game of weight loss is all worth it.”

“My current weight as of July 6th 2018 is 10st 9lbs and I’m very happy, I want to get to 10st exactly so I’m still having one shake in a morning and 2 healthy meals a day.”

Maintenance Phase

“I’ve now moved over to the ‘Maintenance Phase’ on the plan I have gradually introduced brown carbs back into my life but a very small amount.  I have learnt that white carbs just don’t agree with me, it’s been a change in lifestyle which I’m happy to continue as the weight is still coming off, just more slowly which is fine as I’m now lighter than I have been since 1997 before I had my daughter.

I’m now 43 and feel like a new woman literally, Celebrity Slim is what I have to thank.


Disclaimer: * Healthy and effective weight loss when substituting two daily meals with meal replacement products from the Celebrity Slim energy restricted diet and exercise programme. Results may vary by individual