Meet Paul

Paul Moor, a 41-year-old magistrate from Liverpool found how he could lose on the Celebrity Slim programme.  He lost an impressive 3 stone which has changed his life dramatically!

Paul was diagnosed with sleep apnoea which is a sleep disorder characterised by pauses in breathing during sleep. Each apnoea episode lasts long enough so that one or more breaths are missed, and such episodes occur repeatedly throughout sleep. Paul went under surgery to remove his tonsils and part of his throat to try and alleviate the condition.  He was told he would have to sleep with a CPAP breathing mask device on for the rest of his life to ensure he could breathe throughout the night.

Paul’s wife had heard of Celebrity Slim and recommended he tried the programme, simply to lose some weight. 3 stone later, Paul has now been discharged from hospital. As his incredible weight loss cured the sleep apnoea. ‘I originally began the programme just to lose some weight as I was over 17 stone. I never imagined what a dramatic impact losing weight would have on my life, and it was so easy with Celebrity Slim’.

Paul feels much healthier now.  He walks whenever he can rather than driving his car.  He enjoys swimming on a regular basis and has kept to his healthy diet plans. “My friends and family cannot believe how much I have changed and work colleagues have been very encouraging. Celebrity Slim is so easy to follow and the variety is great, there is something for everyone in the range.”


Disclaimer: * Healthy and effective weight loss when substituting two daily meals with meal replacement products from the Celebrity Slim energy restricted diet and exercise programme. Results may vary by individual