Meet Jane

Jane Hutchingson, from North Wales, started on the Celebrity Slim programme during October 2011.

She said; “I knew I had gained a lot of weight over a period of about 18 months.  I didn’t realise until I weighed myself that I was almost 16 stone. For my 5ft 5in frame this meant I was classed as severely obese.”

Jane runs a beauty parlour in North Wales.  She was inspired to lose weight after talking to a client.  The client, who works for Rowlands pharmacy explained how she had lost five stone as a result of following the Celebrity Slim programme. Jane said, “As the weight dropped off, I felt that I was able to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. I now weigh 9 stone 8lbs, I am finally fit and healthy as well as a size 8-10.  I love my new look!”

“The Celebrity Slim programme is so easy to stick to and I know I will always be able to maintain my new weight. Celebrity Slim™ has educated me on how to eat healthily.”


Disclaimer: * Healthy and effective weight loss when substituting two daily meals with meal replacement products from the Celebrity Slim energy restricted diet and exercise programme. Results may vary by individual

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