Louise bounced back into shape after pregnancy!

Meet Louise

Before starting the Celebrity Slim Programme, Louise felt unattractive and uncomfortable with her post-baby body. She was looking for ways to lose weight fast. “In the last few years I had accepted I would never be a super model – mind you these days who would want to? I have never been a size eight – even when I was 8. I used to aspire to look like Cindy Crawford, a lovely curvy figure – but toned in the right places! Though after having my baby I had bulges in all the wrong places.”

“My Wedding was a dream for which I dieted madly for over a year and a half and slowly but surely the weight came off. But after having my gorgeous longed for little girl, my baby belly took over – together with the hips, bingo wings… basically everywhere needed attention. My dress size was going up and up and up and I just felt miserable and frumpy, so one day I stopped and said to myself, “No more! I will feel sexy again!”‘


Louise was surprised at how easy it was for her to lose the weight with Celebrity Slim.

“I used to pile my plate high and I was stuck in a mindset where I had to finish the plate. It’s now that I realise I wasn’t listening to my stomach telling me I was full. Since I’ve been on Celebrity Slim I don’t feel hungry at all and my portion size now is a lot healthier than what it used to be. I love that you can have lots of snacks with Celebrity Slim, like raw veggies, fruit, nuts etc. I do have savoury cravings and keep these at bay with a hot Oxo – not everybody’s cup of tea (so to speak) but it keeps me going! These snacks have kept the hunger at bay and I really enjoyed discovering which snacks filled me up better than others – carrots are great, as too is a small chunk of cheese (yes you can have cheese!).”

Spreading the Word

‘ I spoke to a lady in Rowlands Pharmacy in Westhoughton where I went for my weekly weigh-ins. She was looking at the Celebrity Slim products and asking how I found it – so I told her, “It is great! Seriously, if you are one of those people like me, who thinks that if you think about dieting that the weight will drop off – well Celebrity Slim is for you!”. I have tried various diets, but this is sooooooooo much better! The reason? Because Celebrity Slim has a great balance that works: It’s easy to follow, you know what you can eat, what you can’t – and you get to eat loads of yummy, healthy foods (and you feel so much healthier because of it).’

“The best part about the Celebrity Slim programme is being able to eat real food, including snacks! Losing weight doesn’t have to be about depriving yourself, Celebrity Slim has made me realise that. I really enjoy all of the healthy foods I eat now – and the treats of course!”

“It’s a great feeling going to my wardrobe now and thinking ‘I can wear that and feel comfortable in it’ which I wouldn’t have before I lost the weight. Now I feel like I actually want to go out more. I love going on walks or to the beach with my daughter and stepsons, and I don’t dread putting a bikini on anymore!”

Louise’s tip for losing weight?

“Be true to yourself. If you cheat then you need to admit that rather than cover it up. Everyone has slip ups, you just need to remember why you want to lose weight, and it gets you back on course.”