“After my second pregnancy I had gained more weight than I had hoped and I was eager to lose the weight that I had gained. I had tried to follow a weight loss programe as soon as I could and I was losing little to no weight for weeks. I was dishearted and almost feeling like I was just going to have to try to accept this new heavier me.

I had been researching online for a more structured programme that would be more easier to follow and came across celebrity slim.

At the moment in the pandemic situation, having a toddler and new baby, Celebrity Slim was the way to go for me. Making my shakes twice a day was very handy, especially with the children about and having my 3 additional snacks and a main meal to look forward to as well. I followed the recipes online and they were amazing.

After 10 days I was down 8lbs and I feel great. Full of energy and happier in myself.

I have also gone ahead and ordered another 6 weeks supply and I’m looking forward to seeing my results and continuing to feel this way.

I would 100% recommend Celebrity Slim to anyone looking to lose weight. I believe it would suit any lifestyle.”

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