Eating Guidelines

Central to the programme are the Celebrity Slim Meal Replacements.

These products are designed to give you all of the nutrients you need to keep your body functioning healthily but have also been carefully developed to keep carbohydrates low and proteins high. That way your food intake at these 2 meals each day is closely controlled. In addition we recognise that variety and enjoyment are important factors in helping you stick to a diet programme, so we have developed great tasting products for you to enjoy, including shakes,soupsmeal bars.

Healthy Food Guidelines

In addition to the Celebrity Slim meal replacements you can enjoy healthy balanced meals on the TRIMACTIVE and MAINTAIN phase.

Whilst following the Trim phase you can also include up to 3 daily snacks from the allowable food list.

On the Active phase you can enjoy 3 delicious meal replacements and 1 healthy meal.

Once you have reached your desired weight it is important that you don’t undo all your hard work and put the weight back on.  There is no beginning or end when it comes to sustained weight loss, like any weight loss programme if you go back to your old / bad eating habits weight will creep back on.

Our Maintenance phase is designed specifically to keep you on the straight and narrow by showing you how to reintroduce carbohydrates slowly into your new way of eating.

There are lots of delicious foods to be enjoyed on the programme, but there are also some foods which are best left alone in order to achieve some good weight loss results.