Acti-Labs Body Gift Set

Acti-Labs Body Gift Set


Perfect gift for a special someone or treat for yourself!

1 x 150ml Lipo Sculpting Fluid

1 x 150ml Marine Collagen Body Lotion

1 x 150ml Back to BasicsBody Scrub

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Lipo Sculpting Fluid

Developed first and foremost as a professional treatment guaranteeing reliability, it’s then adapted for home use ensuring that lifestyle concerns can be dynamically addressed at home.

We are so confident about our Lipo Sculpting Fluid that we put it to the test with Independent Dermatologists and the results were astounding.

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Results are confirmed by the Independent Clinical Trial which showed a decrease in thigh and hip circumference together with proven firming of the skin and cellulite reduction.

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Marine Collagen Body Lotion

We all know we should use an anti-ageing skincare cream on our face….but what about the rest of our body?

Give it the TLC it deserves with this collagen rich hydrating full body lotion.

Collagen is the main structural protein present in the skin. It gives body tissues form, strength and firmness. Unfortunately, the reality is that as we age, our bodies are no longer able to produce collagen at the level it once did.

Marine Collagen Body Lotion contains pure concentrates of marine collagen in a smooth indulgent lotion helping to contribute to your collagen production.

Ruptures in our collagen structure are also responsible for stretch marks.

Apply over the entire body daily in massaging motions.

Top Tip: For silky smooth skin, use our Back-to-Basic’s body scrub in the shower before applying Marine Collagen Body Lotion.

Back to Basics Body Scrub

Your not so basic, basic body scrub infused with Sea Salt and Botanical Extracts.

Bring the Spa Home

Body scrubs work to gently massage and clear skin from dead cells, dirt, and oil that collects on the body. The skin lets go of this build-up when exfoliating granules in the scrub are massaged into skin’s surface. Plus, the massage itself helps improve circulation and increases blood flow to the skin’s surface.

Back to Basics Body Scrub contains four essential ingredients that make it stand out among other body scrubs:

  • Sea Salt
  • Seaweed Extract 
  • Argan Oil
  • Aloe 

In the shower or bath, massage Back to Basics Body Scrub all over skin. Allow to set for one minute, then rinse.


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