Celebrity Diet Tips

The diet and weight loss advice you’ll find online and elsewhere is often confusing and contradictory. Sometimes its benefits are obvious – “fewer sugary drinks,” for example – but in many cases the reasoning behind a particular diet or weight loss trick is unclear, leaving readers confused about which advice to trust. Our celebrity diet tips come with a full explanation of the mechanisms by which they bring you closer to your goals, so you’ll know both what to do and why.

Our celebrity weight loss tips run the gamut of dietary considerations: from planning and organisation to methods for overcoming plateaus; from great cooking tricks to making sense of food labels; what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat; what drinks you can still enjoy while you lose weight; how to keep on track while living with others, and how to increase dietary variety to optimise both your morale and your nutrition. Celebrity Slim tackles these issues and many more, providing diet tips to support you in long-lasting success.