So you’ve decided you want to lose weight…

Now what?  There are so many different diet plans out there promising the earth, the most important thing to do is your research.

Take to the internet and research a few different plans that appeal to you.  Look for a plan to follow that doesn’t promise the earth, but does encourage steady manageable weight loss progress.  Investigate plans that are well established and offer advice and support.

Whittle down your list to three favourites then write down a brief description of each, then a list of pros and cons surrounding them, such as:

  • Rate from 1 – 3 which is the most expensive i.e. meal replacement sachets can cost as little as £1.65 per serving opposingly plans that require a lot of meal prep can get quite costly see more here.
  • Rate from 1-3 which is the most flexible i.e. Is it easy to follow when you’re on the go, is there a lot of prep, do you need a fridge, etc
  • Rate from 1-3 is there a lot of variety? i.e. is 20 flavours sufficient?  Can you comply to a programme that is limited to a few ingredients only such as cabbage or one that offers a combination of meal replacements and healthy meals ?
  • How often do you get to eat? Is it 3 meals a day and that’s it, grazing throughout the day or limited amount of calories
  • Rate from 1-3 how easy it is to socialise and eat out while remaining on plan.
  • Y / N – Can you drink alcohol on the plan
  • Y / N – Are there relatable success stories where you can see before and after results?
  • Any other factors you deem to be important, add them in here.

Then once you have analysed the data you have collected the programme that has come out the most favourable is the one for you.

Then what……

Easy, pick a date, make sure you have removed all temptations from your kitchen and have all the food you need in …. then go for it!

Best of luck!

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