How many of us (tell the truth!) get the scales out for every single meal and weigh every component that we eat?  A new method of measuring food portions has been devised by nutrition scientists.  These methods include using thumbs, fists and hands in stead of scales.

The British Nutrition Foundation has produced this new guide after researching the portion sizes globally.  They have also taken into consideration how products are available in UK supermarkets.

The thinking behind improved portion control is that people will become healthier leading to a better quality of life.  this will also lead to reduced stress being placed on the NHS.  Reduction in portion control can save consumers money as they will be consuming less food, leading to less food wastage.

Why is portion size important?

A lot of us don’t consider portion size when preparing meals or eating.  We tend to consider how hungry we are, how full our plate looks, regardless of its size, and guess how much of a pack we should consume e.g. 1 pack is for 1 serving when it actually it could be 2+ servings, such as microwaveable rice.  When behaving like this it can slowly have a negative impact on our health.

Having a healthy balanced diet means we must have the correct categories of food and drink in the correct portion sizes.  It may not be about eating less for you, it may be more about adapting the amount of each food group you consume daily.

What is the correct portion size for me?

It’s no surprise that different people have different requirements when it come to health and nutrition to a point – relating mainly to the amount of food and drink required.  When it comes to the type of food and drink we need to remain healthy there are no real differences.

Typical portion sizes provided are based on a daily calorie allowance of 2000Kcal for a healthy woman and 2500kcal for a healthy man.  However if you’re particularly active, taller or smaller than average then the amount of calories / size of portion you need to maintain weight or lose weight will differ to the average healthy adult.  Therefore if you measure using your own hands you will get the correct portion as hand size should be proportionate to your overall size.

This method of measuring portions can be applied across all types of diets whether you have particular religious beliefs that effect your food choices, vegan, vegetarian or neither.  As you are controlling the correct food and drink types that you consume, in the correct amounts for you.

For any weight loss plan you are following portion control can make preparing meals and planning a head tricky.  When used in conjunction with Celebrity Slim eating guidelines the ‘Get Portion Wise‘ guide produced by the British Health Foundation provides useful information regarding portion control for your daily healthy meal on the Celebrity Slim Programme.

Source:  British Health Foundation

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