Weight Loss & Eating Out Strategies

We all love to eat out once in a while whether we watch what we eat or not.  If we are trying to be calorie careful or wise about our weight there are a few helpful hints and tips you can follow.  You can still enjoy a meal out while exercising damage limitation.

Eating Out Strategies

  • If possible try to see a copy of the menu in advance, most restaurants have their menus online.  This way you can get to grips with what type of food they offer.  Choose what you are going to have before you go.  Mentally preparing yourself in this way before dining out can help against temptation.
  • Restaurants love offering bread rolls and garlic bread even before starters have been ordered.  Stay clear of these carb rich delights as they are literally a waste of (stomach) space.  Save your self for the main event.
  • Avoid carbohydrate heavy meals that contain pasta and rice.Such as spaghetti and risotto.  Opt for a juicy steak, chicken, lamb or a fish dish.
  • Ask your waiter for more information.  See what the low calorie or low carb recommendations are and then tailor to suit you.
  • Instead of chips/fries, rice and other carb abundant sides request a substitution.  Bring on the vegetables and salad!
  • If it’s a 2 course option it’s better to choose a starter and a main course rather than a main course followed by a sugar high dessert.  Desserts are usually laden with fat and carbohydrates so choose fruit and cream or avoid altogether if you can.
  • Buffets can be the scariest dinner party experience.  When you’re trying to remain focussed on your weight loss.  Grazing the buffet by eating a little bit of everything is asking for trouble.  Instead look at what there is and stick to eating what is on your allowable food list.
  • Stay away from the food table at a party.  It’s too easy to pick at the ‘chips n dips’ and top up your plate.
  • Drink plenty of water and minimise your alcohol intake.  A couple of low carb beers, a spirit and a diet mixer, a glass or two of a red or dry white wine is OK …. occasionally.  The more alcohol you consume the less fat you lose as your body treats alcohol like a carbohydrate.  Unfortunately if you’re being strict with yourself alcoholic drinks such as regular beer and cider should be avoided.
  • Enjoy an after dinner tea or coffee if you have a sweet tooth avoid having sugar and take your own artificial sweetener to use.  Go easy on the milk heavy options, lattes and cappuccinos are full of carbs.

Eating out can be exceptionally difficult particularly at the festive time of year but strong will power and determination can help keep you in check and make sure you still have a social life!