Every bride and groom wants to look their best and shine on their wedding day, sometimes that means incorporating weight loss in to the preparations.


If this is the case it’s a good idea to allow your self plenty of time to lose weight sensibly and healthily.  Put time into researching which is the best diet for you to follow.  Look at the detail, stay clear of any programme that seems to good to be true…..It probably is!

If you can’t stick to the diet or ‘Way of Eating’ you have chosen whether it’s due to expense or taste this could lead to unneeded stress and anxiety before your big day.  Weight loss doesn’t come easy, it takes hard work and perseverance.

It’s best to be realistic with your weight loss goals to avoid disappointment and becoming demotivated.  The NHS suggests that a healthy rate of weight loss is approximately 2lbs (1kg) per week.


Where to start?

Before you begin on your weight loss journey take full length photographs of yourself front, back and side profile and put them somewhere you can see them like on the fridge.

Take additional measurements to your starting weight, measure your waist, thigh, bicep and hip circumference.  This will aid in motivation for example if you haven’t lost as much as you’d hope for in a week on the scales you may have lost inches elsewhere from your body.

It does take a while for your body to adjust to your new way of eating so bear with it and try not to weigh yourself everyday as there will be fluctuations.  Try for a weekly weigh-in at the same time of day.  Map your progress with measurements and photos as seeing the difference from when you started will be a great way to keep yourself motivated.

Let’s do this

As the old saying goes ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’ is true when it comes to any healthy eating programme.  If you don’t have what you need at home or to hand you have more chance of ‘cheating’ or not sticking to your plan.


Consider stripping your cupboards, fridge and freezer down to only healthy food which will minimise straying when hunger strikes.  Consider batch cooking and the use of a slow cooker to take the pressure off at mealtimes.

Make sure you are drinking enough water this is not only great for your diet and digestion but fantastic for your skin, especially when you are replacing fizzy, sugary drinks with it.  Generally 2-3 litres per day is a healthy amount to drink for an adult.



Sometimes it helps  people to focus on what they’re doing if they log what they eat, drink and the activity they are taking part in.  There are various apps for this, one of the better tracking apps is MyFitnessPal it’s currently available FREE on IOS and android.  You have a profile where you can log and monitor your change in weight and monitor progress.  You can log your daily food intake by searching their vast database of food, scan barcodes on food wrappers and input your own items.  If you have friends who use this app you can send them a friend request and encourage each other by posting positive remarks.

This app will track daily nutritional information, but it is important to log everything you consume.

Safety in numbers

There is evidence that suggests where one partner of a couple participates in weight loss treatment  that ‘untreated’ (those who were not the weight loss instigator) partners in both formal and self-guided weight management approaches can result in what is known as the ‘ripple effect’.


The untreated partners lost at least 3% of their original body weight which is considered to provide considerable health benefits.

Whether it’s your future spouse, chief bridesmaid or the whole bridal party it’s motivating to have a weight loss pal.  They can keep you going when the going gets tough and vice versa.

Sometimes meals can get a little deja vu and repetitive pool you ideas and recipes to get the most out of your food options.  Also share childcare if you need to get to the gym your pal can look after the children while you do a kettle bells class and you can do the same when they want to do some exercise.


If you’ve made a date at the gym with your weight loss pal it’s much more difficult to bail out rather than if you had planned to go it alone at the gym – the guilt and prospect of your partner in weight loss crime losing more weight will push you there!

They will make it more fun as you’ll have someone to talk to along the way who knows exactly how much effort you’ve put in and can share in the joy of your successes.

Don’t for get to reward yourself…

… but not with alcohol or junk food!


When you plot your goals and milestones putdown some rewards for if you reach them such as:

  • Manicure / pedicure
  • Massage
  • Movie night
  • Eat out – healthy, plan appropriate food!
  • New Item of clothing
  • Running shoes – treat your feet to a new pair!
  • Gym kit – new smaller kit always makes you feel good.
  • New headphones so you can listen to your music while you’re exercising
  • Spa day home or at the spa
  • Visit to the hairdressers
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • New book
  • New box set
  • etc

Congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials, hope you have a magical day!