Study Suggests You Can Catch Weight Loss From Your Partner…

It seems the secret of weight loss in a relationship can be caused by one partner deciding to lose weight. Once this decision has been made sticking to a plan formal or self guided can show good results.   A randomised controlled trial conducted at the University of Connecticut has been published in February’s research journal ‘Obesity’.  The study where one spouse participates in weight loss treatment concludes that ‘untreated’ spouses in both formal and self-guided weight management approaches can result in what is known as the ‘ripple effect’.

woman-kitchen-man-everyday-life-298926Approximately 1/3 of untreated spouses found that they also lost weight within 6 months.  According to the study, women are seen as the main instigator for weight loss within a relationship.  The untreated spouses lost at least 3% of their original body weight which is considered to provide considerable health benefits.

Notably, weight loss outcomes between couples had comparable/related trajectories.  It seems that whether one partner loses weight quickly or on a more gradual basis the other partners weight loss mirrors their results.


Weight gain and obesity is currently seen as being contagious amongst couples and families.  Just goes to show that it may only take one of you to be serious about weight loss in your household.  The overall benefits to your family’s health and lifestyle could be quite significant.


Source: Randomized Controlled Trial Examining the Ripple Effect of a Nationally Available Weight Management Program on Untreated Spouses.