Myth: Shake Diets are Expensive & Unsustainable

There are a lot of different weight loss programmes out there and they all come with a different ethos and price tag.  Losing weight can be tricky enough to start with, without worrying about budget constraints and how to keep the weight off when you get to your desired goal.

I’m sat here at Celebrity Slim HQ reading through posts on social media, some of which say meal replacement programmes are expensive and unaffordable…But are they?

There’s only one way to find out – do the maths!

There are cheaper ways of following a partial meal replacement programme like Celebrity Slim (CS) it depends on which products from the range you decide to purchase and how tight your budget is.

For the sake of this post I’m going to focus on the ‘Trim Phase’ the basics of this stage is to eat 6 times per day (as the image below suggests) and drink 2 litres of water.

If you were to:

  • Follow this programme for 30 days (you can follow it for more or less time dependent on your personal goal)
  • Take advantage of purchasing the larger packs of shakes such as the ‘Variety Pack‘ (£32.99 per pack of 20 shakes, £1.65 per meal/shake)
  • Eat three allowable snacks throughout the day such as; an apple, low fat yoghurt and a no added sugar jelly (cost sourced from: my supermarket )
  • Have a balanced evening meal of meat and two veg (cost sourced from: my supermarket )

This means your monthly food bill will in the region of £162.27 (per person) that’s £5.41 per day.   There are no weekly subscription fees, joining the CS community is free as is our advice and support.

This cost may mean nothing in isolation so I thought I would compare it to a couple of other popular weight loss programmes namely ‘Slimming World’ and ‘Weight Watchers’.  Recently a series has been aired on ‘ITV’ called ‘Save Money:  Lose Weight‘ where they compared a number of ‘diets’ these being two of them.

According to the programme ‘Slimming World’ cost £294.00 (per person), £10.50 per day to follow for 28 days and ‘Weight Watchers’ cost £263.70 (per person), £9.42 over the same time.

If you do crave variety and you do have a bit more flexibility with your budget there are other flavours and products such as, meal replacement soups,  bars and snack bars  available.

How Does a Shake Diet Work?

Put simply, the CS programme works by reducing the amount of overall carbohydrates and calories in your diet, creating an energy deficiency, which leads to weight loss. The products are packed full of 3 sources of protein, along with 23 Essential Vitamins and Minerals to support your metabolism and help you get the nutrients your body needs.

Eating regularly can help reduce hunger cravings so on the programme you are asked to eat 6 times a day, combining regular snacks and a balanced meal with your meal replacements.

So, Can You Keep the Weight Off?

Once you have reached your goal /desired weight with CS you then enter in to the ‘Maintain Phase’ which educates you in what to eat and how to keep the weight off.  After all this is not a diet with a beginning and end it is a lifestyle change, a ‘Way of Eating’ like any other diet if you go back to your old habits the weight will pile back on.

Reintroduce Carbohydrates Slowly

It makes sense to increase your carbohydrate intake slowly as this will bring you to a stable weight and allows you to get to know what level of carbohydrate you can reintroduce into your diet without putting on weight.

Step One

  • Aim to eat 2 balanced meals each day.
  • Start by introducing carbohydrates into one of these meals each day, consisting of around one third of the meal portion size.
  • Continue to replace 1 meal each day with a CS Meal Replacement product.

We would suggest you stick to this plan for 1-2 weeks.

Step Two

  • If you still continue to lose weight, increase the amount of carbohydrates by adding a portion of carbohydrate into your 2nd balanced meal.
  • If you start to gain weight, cut back the carbohydrates again.

Step Three

  • Replace your CS Meal Replacement with a third meal. You can choose whether or not to add carbohydrates to this meal depending on whether this causes you to gain weight.

NB You may find that continuing to enjoy one carbohydrate-free meal each day helps you maintain your ideal weight.

 Checklist – The maintain Phase


  • Eat 6 meals per day – The same schedule as on the TRIM Phase
  • Eat fewer carbs than before you started the diet – About 1/4 – 1/2 the amount of carbohydrate foods you used to eat
  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day
  • Eat lots more fruit and veg – At least 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit per day


  • Skip breakfast – If you’re in a hurry, have a Celebrity Slim Shake
  • Eat too many sugary foods – as these are usually high GI
  • Forget to exercise – An essential part of a healthy lifestyle

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