How Healthy is a Meal Replacement Diet?

Worried that you won’t be getting the correct nutrients from a meal replacement diet? You couldn’t be more wrong.

By following the award winning Celebrity Slim Programme you will combine real food with healthy meal replacement shakes, smoothies, soups or meal bars. Therefore you are guaranteeing that your body is receiving the correct vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need in your daily diet.

Celebrity Slim Shakes, Smoothies and Meal Bars are a tasty, healthy and nutritious meal packed full of goodness. A much healthier meal option than sugar filled cereal or carb heavy meal deals.
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Meal replacement diets are bad for you – wrong. They are a healthy way to lose weight.

Meal replacement diets ruin your metabolism – wrong. There is no proof that any diets affect your metabolism long term.

Celebrity Slim is a fad diet  – Celebrity Slim is all about a change in habit and lifestyle.  It is not a quick fix. The maintain phase is built in to ensure that once a happy weight is reached it is maintained.


Celebrity slim helps you lose weight healthily.

It’s a plan that is healthy for long term use.

Celebrity Slim helps reduce Type 2 Diabetes.