Fad Diets?

The term ‘fad diet’ is banded about a lot and there are many different definitions of fad diets out there. Most tend to agree that any diet that promises quick weight loss, without any scientific or clinical evidence behind it should be approached with caution.

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Which Plan Should I Follow?

There are so many different plans and programmes to follow some come and go and some stand the test of time.  There are also a ton of different ill-founded or seemingly informed opinions on each one.   So, no wonder would be dieters get confused, frustrated and are unsure of where to start.


The truth is there are no short cuts with weight loss it does take time, determination and effort to change your eating habits.  This is a long term journey and above all else takes a lot of patience.  Patience for the weight loss itself and patience for the associated benefits that come with losing weight to occur.  Each individual is different, therefore it makes sense that everyone reacts differently to various weight loss plans.

Is it Realistic?

As well as the actual eating of the food itself how realistic is it for you to follow.   How would it fit in with your current lifestyle?  These are both elements that need to be seriously considered if you want to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals.  If planning and prepping meals are an issue for you, maybe contemplate batch cooking and/or a partial meal replacement programme.

apple booksDepending on the weight loss path you have chosen to take if it does not include an educational component you do have to ask yourself “is this a reliable, sustainable diet that I am willing to invest my energy in?”   A support network and information should be available as to how you can adopt this lifestyle change.  A way of translating your new way of eating to the long term needs to be part of the plan.   If not then maybe you should look at alternatives.


Research article:  Meal Replacement: A Valuable Tool for Weight Management.