Don’t Miss out on Family Favourites If You’re Dieting – Adapt!

There are so many family favourite dishes that we think we need to to give up when we are looking at losing weight.  The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case.

A lot of the time you can just switch what you have with your meal and easily keep your calories in check.  If you’re keeping a watchful eye over the amount of carbohydrates you’re eating a simple trick is to swap them out for some tasty veggies.  Do you and your family love eating Chilli con carne, well you still can!   If they’re happy eating your yummy chilli with rice or a jacket potato no problem just switch yours for carrot batons and or green beans.

Do you love a Friday night curry? substitute the naan and or rice with something like asparagus.  You’re still eating and enjoying the main event but not enduring the bloat of the accompanying carb overload.

When you decide you would like to lose weight the key is in the planning and preparation.  If you are the main chef in the household make it easier on yourself by making a main dish that you all can enjoy.

Slow cookers are perfect for this type of cooking, it’s lazy cooking that tastes fantastic.  The good news is you can pick up a basic slow cooker online or on high street for approximately £20.   Once you’ve thrown in all your lovely fresh ingredients in it in the morning switch it on and walk away for a few hours.  When you return…. that’s it….it’s ready to eat! – Oh and your house will smell of deliciousness.

Just rustle up your veggies and there we have it, stress free mealtimes, when the clock strikes “dinner time” just dish it up!