Do Unorganised Kitchens Really Lead to Overeating?

Organising your kitchen and implementing a few changes to its layout can help you lose weight.
Studies suggest that where food is stored, prepared and cooked can be a major factor in whether a diet is deemed successful or not.  According to research published in a 2016 issue of Environment and Behaviour an unorganised environment can cause individuals to overeat.
Certain tweaks include putting motivational information on the fridge such as:
  • Calorie guide
  • Calorie content of favourite comfort foods
  • Images of yourself

People like visual stimuli, so the more visual cues individuals are exposed to the more likely they are to adhere to a weight loss plan.

A clutter free, tidy food prep area will make eating healthier a lot easier.  Cramped untidy counters don’t encourage dieters to get creative in the kitchen as there is no space to.


A messy kitchen can double a person’s calorie intake according to a 2016 study (Journal Environment and Behaviour).  In addition to this, eating home prepared meals actually encourage weight loss.  People who prepare the majority of their meals at home consume less fat, sugar and carbohydrates.

Some people complain that healthier meals taste bland, if you keep your spices next to your hob it encourages the use of them to spice up would be  bland dishes it may also help reduce your salt and sugar intake as you are using herbs and spices as a substitute.

Many spices are proven to help people lose weight.  For example one daily teaspoon of cumin can help people burn up to three times more body fat.

Have cooking utensils near the hob

Investing in some good cooking utensils such as whisks, wooden spoons, seeing spoons, tongs, spatulas and slotted turners makes cooking more appealing and convenient, having them near the hob on show makes cooking more efficient.

If you don’t have / acquire the basic cooking equipment as mentioned above you are less likely to prepare and cook healthy food as you will not have the utensils to do so.

Transparent containers

Believe it not, storing fruits and vegetables in glass jars or tupperware is a weight loss tactic.

Having all of your ingredients on show and being able to see them all the time you are preparing food in the kitchen means that you are more likely to use them.

For example, storing food such as nuts, seeds and berries, in handy clear containers will make them easier to access and remind you to incorporate them in to your meal and snacks.

Source: Environment and Behaviour Journal.