The festive season is fast approaching, it can be a very stressful time of year for many reasons. Even glitzy parties (although not so much this year!), present planning and Christmas fare shopping when added to our ever increasing  to do list can heighten our anxiety levels. Haven’t we got enough on our plates?

The tradition of the ‘New Year’s resolution’ brings the promise of wiping the slate clean, starting a fresh and cutting out bad habits. One of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight and get fit, which is no easy feat.  It requires determination, commitment, focus, will power and the right mindset.  With all that in mind why not try and make the start to your New Year and your new healthy regime that little bit easier by starting to plan and gear up to how your new lifestyle may look.

How to start the New Year

One of the problems with that is the abundance of naughty tempting left overs and treats from the run up to Christmas and then there’s the big day itself.  This can spill over on to New Year’s eve/day celebrations….and sometimes beyond.  Christmas should be a day of indulgence and luxury where possible however have you ever thought that it should be your last ‘blowout’ of the year?

How about considering letting friends and family know that this year instead of a box of chocs or a bottle of fizz you would like gift vouchers for your favourite salon or clothes shop?  This way in the New Year you can use them as motivation for when you reach your weight loss milestones instead of having to wait until you have munched through the Christmas goodies.  This will only lead to a delay in kickstarting your weight loss as well as upping your starting weight, which ultimately only makes it harder on your self.

Reap the Rewards

When you’ve lost 6lbs / 2.5kgs why not reward yourself by having your nails done or buying that top you’ve had your eye on?  When you plot your goals and milestones putdown a list of sweet treat alternative rewards such as:

  • Manicure / pedicure
  • Massage
  • Movie night
  • Eat out – healthy, plan appropriate food!
  • New Item of clothing
  • Running shoes – treat your feet to a new pair!
  • Gym kit – new smaller kit always makes you feel good.
  • New headphones so you can listen to your music while you’re exercising
  • Spa day home or at the spa
  • Visit to the hairdressers
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • New book
  • New box set

This can help focus the mind before you start your weight loss journey and equip you with mindset you need to smash your goals!

If you’ve decided to stay on plan during party season check out our blog post on ‘eating out strategies’ for hints and tips to keep you on the straight and narrow.

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