Hey guys!

So as I type this I am currently laid out on a sun lounger while sipping a cookies and cream Celebrity Slim (on ice with a straw and umbrella to look fancy obviously) and nibbling on blueberries. That’s right- you’ve guessed it: I am on holiday!


I had a case FULL of powdered and packaged food as I needed to bring Frankies milk and snacks as well as all my Celebrity Slim products. When we were waiting for our cases I was just picturing the case going missing, Frankie being starving and me coming home 10lb heavier!! Luckily – all our luggage arrived.
I’ve had a pretty hard time sticking to my plan 100% as we are at an all inclusive resort but on the whole I have done myself proud actually. It’s breakfast that’s been the hardest for me… getting the boys theirs and then expecting me not to “test it for poison” like all us parents do from time to time is legitimately a method of torture for me.
Lunch is a doddle as we are outside around the pool so I like a nice refreshing shake. Dinner is easy, ive just been picking a nice protein (chicken, steak, fish etc) and adding some gorgeous Greek salad and tzatziki and having that. But I have decided next year I need to go to a self catering place where I can exclude all the bad choices and just do a normal supermarket shop.


I noticed such a difference in my bikinis this time round. The last time I went away I just didn’t feel comfortable in my skin but I felt much more confident this holiday. This is the first time I’ve lost weight in a way that I know will be sustainable as it’s been gradual and healthy. So I know I’m not at my “best bikini body” stage just yet. But compared to last year I am definitely closer than before.
I weighed myself this morning in the hotel spa and I’ve not gained anything or lost anything at all. So it looks like I’m at a standstill for holiday so far. I am actually happy with that given that I’ve had some alcohol as well as the breakfast temptations!
This is the first time I’ve ever lost weight in a maintainable way. It’s coming off gradually and healthily and, while I am impatient and want results overnight, I know that this is the best way for me to keep it off. Anyway- for now I am going to sign off until next time!
Speak soon Celebrity Slimmers,
Chanelle xx
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