Chanelle Hayes: What’s For Dinner?

Hey all, me again!

So my latest post is all about the amount of food you are allowed on the Celebrity Slim plan, honestly there is A LOT! The best part about Celebrity Slim for me is that, while I get to enjoy all the yummy shakes, soups and bars, one of my three main meals and a couple of my snacks per day are REAL FOOD.

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Chanelle and her boys Blakely and Frankie, May 2018


The plan encourages you to eat real, nutritious foods and I have followed so many recipes that are provided from Celebrity Slim. I have completely re-educated myself on what I should and shouldn’t be putting in my body, and what ingredients really can make a difference to a meal!

Most of the recipes serve 4 people which is amazing for me as a busy mum of two. I can either share it between us and have a portion left for the next day or I can eat one then freeze three portions so they’re all ready to be heated up and taken with me on the go to work or just at the end of a long day.

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Made by Chanelle: Chicken tikka kebabs and salad

“Oh I hate diet recipes, they’re bland,” I hear you cry, but no! Hand on heart these recipes are sooo tasty and flavoursome. The beef curry is to die for and my sons both love the chicken mushroom and bacon hot pot dish. And the major plus about all the recipes I have tried so far (and believe me I have plenty more to go!) is that while they are tasty and indulgent, I don’t feel upset with myself or uncomfortably full after eating them like I would always do with a takeaway or stodgy plate full of sugars and carbs.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 10.52.48

Chanelle making tasty slow cooked beef curry back in January 2018

Eating Out

What I was panicking about at first was eating out, it was so daunting to me that for the first few months on the plan I avoided it. Here’s a piece of advice from someone in the know: don’t be afraid!! When I finally got around to eating out I could have kicked myself for not doing it sooner! Now, I can, and do go out with friends regularly and easily stick to my plan with no trouble at all. I can have delicious salads with balsamic vinegar, steak, chicken, veg, you name it! I have even managed a carvery, although I had no Yorkshire pud but I didn’t feel hard done to at all.

I’m thinking of actually starting to make a note of everything I order from the menu of certain restaurants and what else I see on there that is good for the plan and list it all online. That way, you don’t even have to look at the naughty pasta and pizza sections as you will have my choices listed. Yep – that is my plan…watch this space!

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Made by Chanelle: Chicken breast, spinach, rocket, watercress, pine nuts, feta, tomatoes, green beans and lemon juice

Healthy Choices

The main point I am trying to get across in this post is that yes, when you’re on an eating plan to lose weight your life will change. But, thankfully for me, I found a plan that moulds around MY life. I don’t have to count points, calories, grams, syns…all I have to do is learn from my previous mistakes and make healthy choices. The pressure of planning every single meal of the day is taken off my shoulders and yet I still get to enjoy delicious food. I challenge anybody to give Celebrity Slim a whirl for a week and tell me they didn’t find it a relief to just forget about cooking and shopping lists and use-by dates.

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Made by Chanelle: Salt, pepper, chilli, minute steak, spinach, rocket, baby chard, plum tomatoes, spring onion, green olives, tenderstem broccoli, feta and homemade tzatziki



The positive part of still eating proper food every day is that once I have reached my goal and want to move onto the next phase of the plan and maintain, the panic of shopping won’t be there anymore as I will know exactly the right types of food to avoid. Right now, I am thoroughly enjoying the ease and convenience of the first stage of my plan and enjoying even more seeing my results!

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Chanelle showing her progress on 2nd May 2018

Until next time Celebrity Slimmers!


Chanelle xx


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