Celebrity Diets: Chanelle Hayes & Weight Loss – Where I’m At

I have always been a yoyo dieter, and really struggled with my weight over the years. Once I put my mind to losing weight, I can really stick to it. It’s just finding the motivation to get started and keep going. I considered lots of different diets including all the latest celebrity diets and that’s how I came across Celebrity Slim.  I approached CS (Celebrity Slim) before I was pregnant as I wanted a change, but also still want to eat regularly! My little Frankie came along so the issues with my weight were put on hold so I could focus on a healthy pregnancy.

I’m very open about the difficulties in my pregnancy. It gave me more motivation to begin the CS programme soon after Frankie was born. I needed to feel comfortable again, and be able to do fun stuff with my boys.

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Easy Plan

I’ve now been following the CS programme for a short while and I can honestly say how EASY it is to follow. I eat 6 times a day and I feel so much healthier and happier and I’m only a few months in!

Before I started, I would feel sluggish and uncomfortable- especially with the added baby weight! I always suffer with bad indigestion after eating, and whenever I do the smallest bit of exercise I ALWAYS get a stitch.

NOW I feel lighter on my feet (literally).  You don’t need to do a lot of exercise on the CS programme, and a little walk with Frankie is a lot easier. I usually follow a nice walk with a shake from the programme.  I absolutely LOVE the snack bars and soups.

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On the CS programme I eat 6 times a day! This varies with shakes, smoothies, meal bars, soups.   You can also enjoy healthy homemade meals following a recipe book.  I love varying it every day so I never get bored.

It’s so easy too!  I put Frankie down for a nap, and make myself a shake, or if Blakely is having soup for tea, we cook together! The only difference is I eat a soup from the programme, and he has the added bread and butter (very jealous).

It’s so simple to follow, and not much planning goes into it. I have never been good at the food planning for the week and on the CS I don’t have to!

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My absolute favourite meal bar is the double chocolate, it’s just like eating a normal chocolate bar so it’s great when you fancy a treat every now and then. I always use to think you weren’t allowed to have treats when trying to lose weight, but on the CS programme it has completely changed the way I look at eating. Eating little and often is the key for me and it really works. I don’t really have a lot of time to exercise with Blakely and Frankie so it works wonders for my daily schedule. I fit in a walk with Frankie during the day when I can, but if I don’t find the time, I don’t feel guilty about it.

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There is a maintenance phase on the CS programme.  This is great when you have lost the weight and want to keep it off! It incorporates guidance and support while reintroducing healthy carbs and eating habits into my diet.

I’m looking forward to seeing more results from the programme and achieving my goal.


Watch this space!



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