Chanelle Hayes: My Weekly Food Diary

Hey Guys!

So I know I post a lot about my weight loss journey and am always saying how much I love the Celebrity Slim plan. More often than not, whenever I post on Instagram about my progress, I am inundated with questions from people regarding the plan;

  • What do you eat in a day?
  • Is it just shakes?
  • Are you starving?
  • How much do you drink?

And plenty more! So I figure the best way for me to answer is to put it in a blog. That way you guys can have a sneak peak into life as a Celebrity Slimmer and see if you fancy joining me on my quest to become a happier and healthier me! Below is my exact week last week with rough timings too.


8:00am pint of water, cup of tea with one sweetener and some of my milk allowance.

9:30am Caffe Latte shake. I use hot water with mine and blend it. It is like an actual latte from a coffee shop. This is classed as my first meal of the day.

11:00am pint of water and a handful of almonds and blueberries. I love that I can eat wholesome and nutritious real food on this plan. Unless it’s one of those overripe blueberries that tastes weird and is all squishy, those literally ruin my day!

11:30am peppermint tea and pint of water with some Celebrity Slim blackcurrant water flavour in. By this point of my day I’m getting bored of drinking plain water. It is something I really need to work on is upping my water intake. Work in progress lol.

1:00pm Celebrity Slim Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup and cup of tea with my milk allowance.

3:30pm Celebrity Slim Sticky Toffee Snack Bar and a cup of tea with milk allowance. This is the tie of the day where the kids have a little snack like milk and biscuits or something before their evening meal. I save my snack bars for here so I don’t feel like I am missing out although they usually want to pinch mine instead of their malted milks!!

6:00pm Once a month I have a full day where I cook loads of celebrity slim recipes and box them up to freeze. Each recipe serves at least 4 so you can have the same as your family but I save all 4 portions for myself and spread them out over the course of the month to heat up for my evening meals. I had slow cooked beef curry here (check out the recipe book – this recipe is FOR SURE one of my faves!!) with loads of broccoli and some cauliflower rice that I also added a bit of curry powder to, to flavour it up a bit. I have a pint of water here and a peppermint tea.

9:00pm Once the kids are in bed – and I’ve tidied the mess away that they leave wherever they roam – I have another cup of tea with sweetener and milk from allowance and force myself to down another pint of water before bed.


8:00am Pint of water, cup of tea, sweetener and milk.

9:00am Celebrity Slim Double Chocolate brownie bar – these are so good you need to have one of these if you try the plan. Pint of water, cup of tea.

11:30am Ham and low fat cheese wrap. (Slice of ham with 15g grated cheddar rolled up x2) Pint of water.

1:30pm Celebrity Slim Roast Chicken Soup and a cup of tea. (By now I’m guessing you’ve discovered I am addicted to Yorkshire tea. What’s a girl to do…..!)

3:30pm My usual Celebrity Slim Sticky Toffee Bar (it’s got ACTUAL CHOCOLATE CHIPS IN IT!) with a cup of tea and pint of water.

5:30pm I made a healthy low sugar, low fat mince Bolognese. The kids had pasta with it and I had courgetti and salad. Pint of water, cup of tea.

9:00pm Camomile Tea and pint of water before bed.


8:00am Black coffee, Pint of water.

9:30am Celebrity Slim Mint Chocolate Shake, pint of water.

11:00am fat free natural yoghurt with raspberries and milled flaxseed, cup of tea.

1:00pm Celebrity Slim Mushroom Soup with Croutons, pint of water, peppermint tea.

3:30pm Celebrity Slim Sticky Toffee Bar, cup of tea, pint of water.

6:00pm Salmon with panfried garlic and chilli tenderstem broccoli (if ever I fry anything I use the 1kcal coconut oil spray). Pint of water, cup of tea.

8:00pm Tonight I had fizzy water with Celebrity Slim prosecco flavouring in as I had some of the girlies round for a midweek catch up.

10:00pm pint of water, hot water with lemon and mint.


8:00am cup of tea, pint of water.

9:30am I had a playdate for Frankie with some of the other mums this morning a the farm shop café with a sensory kids part in. So I swapped my day around having my meal for breakfast with everyone else and replacements later in the day. I had an omelette with ham, onion, tomato and salad. 500ml bottle of water, peppermint tea and a bite of my friend’s scone. Sorryyyyyyyy!!

12:00pm funsize tangerine, pint of water, cup of tea.

1:30pm Celebrity Slim Cookies and Cream Shake, pint of water, peppermint tea.

3:30pm The usual! (Sticky Toffee bar with cup of tea)

6:00pm Celebrity Slim Mild Curry Soup. Two pints of water…the omelette was salty!!

8:30pm Pint of water, Cup of tea.


8:00am Black Coffee, pint of water.

9:30am Celebrity Slim Chocolate Shake, pint of water and cup of tea.

11:00am Apple sliced, microwaved and sprinkled with cinnamon, pint of water.

1:00pm Celebrity Slim Vegetable Soup with a cup of tea and blackcurrant water flavour in my pint of water.

3:30pm Again, my predictability is astounding! (Celebrity Slim Sticky Toffee, cup of tea).

6:00pm Blakely requested steak and chips tonight so he had that, Frankie had egg and soldiers and I had steak and egg. Best of both worlds!

8:00pm cup of tea.


8:00am we have a proper family breakfast on Saturdays so we all had the same (in different sized portions obviously). Poached Eggs, Fat off grilled bacon, Grilled low fat sausage and tinned tomatoes. (the boys had beans). Cup of tea, pint of water.

Skipped my morning snack as I was still full.

11:00am cup of tea and pint of water.

12:30pm Blakely requested a smoothie with his sandwich this lunchtime. He chose his fruit and had it with his lunch. I made a Celebrity Slim smoothie but added some extra blueberries into it as well for thickness.

3:00pm I actually ran out of Sticky Toffee bars and didn’t realise so I mixed things up and had a Celebrity Slim Rocky Road snack bar today. Still had it with a cup of tea though!!

6:00pm Celebrity Slim Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup with blackcurrant flavoured water.

9:00pm As I didn’t have my morning snack I quickly made some ham&cheese roll things as a little snack with my water before bed.


8:00 am Celebrity Slim Apple and Cinnamon Porridge with cup of tea, pint of water. I make Blakely have porridge on Sundays as it’s his football match so I usually have this each Sunday too.

11:00am Apple and pint of water.

1:30pm Sunday Roast at my mums. Roast Beef, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and a teeny tiny bit of gravy. My mum makes her gravy with all the meat juices and so less is more when losing weight. Pint of water.

4:00pm Cup of tea, Rocky Road Bar.

6:00pm Celebrity Slim Vegetable Soup. Pint of water, decaf black coffee.

So there you have it!  Obviously I work my timings around what works for me and my kids, as their schedule supersedes mine, but you can tweak things to work for you and your life and settle into your own plan and journey. I hope this has answered some of your questions and also let some of you know that THIS PLAN REVOLVES AROUND REAL FOOD!! You should check out the recipe book for loads of meal prep ideas, especially the beef curry I mentioned.

I will write again soon

Chanelle! xx