Hey Celebrity Slimmers!

Just a quick post for some snack ideas as I have had plenty of messages asking what is convenient yet still nutritious and portable. Now, I didn’t realise this at first, but: DID YOU KNOW THE PINK BOTTOM BIT TO THE SHAKER IS ACTUALLY A SECRET COMPARTMENT???!! I know, I have blown your mind!

Anyway, it is so handy for those of us who need to be able to bring stuff with us and not have a million different bags, coolpacks etc. So I use that section a lot to carry my snack in if it fits.

I think we are all fully aware of how the Celebrity Slim Sticky Toffee snack bars are my favourite thing in life right now HOWEVER we do get three snacks a day and even I just having snack bars everyday might be overkill. I like to have one snack bar as a “biscuit/ chocolate bar alternative” and my other snacks I like to be whole foods, natural ingredients, something the kids can nibble on too if they like. (because they are NOT getting near my Sticky Toffees!!)

So with that being said, here are some snack ideas for you:

  • Almonds and Blueberries (these fit perfectly in the hidden bit). Fruity and crunchy with vitamins, natural fats. This is my go-to easy snack.
  • 30g of low fat cheese rolled inside 2 slices of ham. Protein packed and savoury this hits the spot.
  • Funsize apple with 1tsp (NOT HEAPED) of almond butter spread on. I have this before a heavy gym session for energy.
  • Peeled and sliced apple heated in the microwave sprinkled with cinnamon. This tastes like crumble it’s so nice!
  • Low fat yoghurt with berries. I usually have raspberries and grate one square of 85 per cent cocoa dark choc onto it. But strawberries or blueberries etc work too.
  • Celery with Cream Cheese (I like the garlic and herb one).
  • One of those 10kcal no sugar jelly pots, blueberry flavour is my fave!
  • A mini egg mayo! Boiled Egg with a small amount of light mayo. (maybe not one for the office due to smell factor!)
  • Carrot sticks / Cucumber sticks with low fat humus.

I hope these help those of you struggling for ideas. If you have anything that you enjoy feel free to send your suggestions my way as I am never one to turn down a new recipe!!

Chanelle xxx

Celebrity Slim Snacks

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