Hello everyone,

So I am feeling super positive and excited recently and the reason for that is because: PEOPLE HAVE STARTED NOTICING MY WEIGHTLOSS WITHOUT BEING PROMPTED TO!!!!

I am feeling exceptionally proud of my achievement this far and although I have another 20lb or so to lose I am now fully motivated to get there and smash my target!!!

When I first started losing weight with Celebrity Slim, I’m sure you can all relate, the hardest part of all was actually getting my head in the right space to even begin. Every night I would finish off my final biscuit and vow to start the following day yet it never happened. Then, one day it just clicked that I was slowly poisoning myself and eating myself into an early grave. And that was it – I was off!

Two weeks in and I hadn’t cheated or gone off plan. I could see and feel the results in myself. Yet not one single person noticed. It honestly really made me feel a bit embarrassed that I was so glad with myself. I started to feel disheartened. That evening when the boys were eating their pudding, I got the same out for myself and started to put it in a bowl to eat. I sat down at the table and Blakely looked at me and said, “mummy, I thought you said you were going to get healthy so you could beat me in a race?” “I tried Blakely but nobody noticed so I think you’ll have to be the race winner in this house”, I replied to him. “Well, if that was my homework you’d tell me I was quitting and we shouldn’t quite because it is hard!” To say I had been completely put in my place by my eight year old would be an understatement. I threw the pudding away and had a cup of tea with sweetener and milk from my allowance. He said nothing, just looked a little smug.

Around 4 weeks after that it was the school holidays. I had, in a huff, continued on my plan and lost more weight and inches yet – still – nobody had mentioned it. Blakely asked me – to my dismay –  if we could go swimming. “I am still a bit too big for my costume Blakes but next holidays we will go”. “You’re not mum you’ve lost loads of weight your bum is way less big now.” Whether Blakely actually meant that or he was just desperate to go down the waterslide I will never know but that comment meant more to me than he will ever know because finally – FINALLY – someone had mentioned my progress.

So we went swimming, and my costume wasn’t too small, and nobody was gaping at me in disgust like all the ideas I had built up in my mind. We had a great time.

After that, I continued on my plan HAPPILY with less tress and pressure on myself. My clothes were fitting better, my confidence was increasing and I was steadily and healthily accomplishing my goal! As if by magic overnight, when my attitude changed, people started to tell me I was looking well, or wow you are doing great, or asking me what plan I was following….people were noticing!! I don’t know why, but I think other people noticing was more important to me than me actually KNOWING I was doing it right.

My point here is: Not everybody has a gobby 8 year old to put them in their place or throw words of encouragement their way. But nearly everybody has a mean little voice inside their own mind that makes them feel like they aren’t doing well enough, or losing enough, or achieving what they should. But everyone who follows the Celebrity Slim plan has access to the Celebrity Slim support team. They can be your gobby 8 year old!! (Believe me they make way less mess!!) I ill put all the ways you can contact the team below. Also, if ever you want a word of advice or encouragement from FELLOW Celebrity Slimmer, hit me up on Instagram because I am going through the same as you are. WE SHOULD ALL BE SO PROUD OF OURSELVES!!!! #TeamCelebritySlim

Chanelle xxx


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