Hey guys just me again!


Hope you’re all doing well on your plan this week. I have stuck to mine like glue! Not even a sniff of the boys treacle sponge or anything! Anyways, I’ve been religiously checking my Fitbit all week so thought it would be a good idea to do a post about it!

Initially when I first decided Celebrity Slim was for me, what enticed me was the fact that you can still lose weight without doing exercise. It was perfect for me having just given birth and not done any exercise for a long time before I even got pregnant. But gradually, as my weight has decreased, my interest in fitness is increasing. “Right Chanelle” I thought to myself, “You are treating yourself to a Fitbit!” and I did!

I am so technologically illiterate it is quite comical! All my best work has included pens, paper, and lots of actual handwriting. Now everything is done for you! It was all new to me when I downloaded this app that tells me how many kcals I burn per day just sitting down and what I could earn if I just moved a bit more. Now that I am used to it I love it.

You can track food on the Fitbit app I use but I save myself that hassle by following Celebrity Slim as its so easy and convenient there’s no scanning this, weighing that etc. The only time I use that function is if I am out and have no idea what is good to choose.

The reason I actually decided to do a little more fitness was because there were some super warm days and so I walked the mile there and back with he pram to pick Blakely up from school. That week I lost more in inches and weight than I had in a while on plan. Not only that – I felt invigorated! That was it, I was hooked. Now I religiously challenge myself as to if I can beat my steps, staircases climbed, kcals burnt, you name it there is a challenge for it!

So I thought some of my Celebrity Slimmers might want to jump on this train with me and join in the challenges!! If you are up for it my Fitbit Username is chanellejhayes and I track exercise etc on there daily.

I even have Blakely as a friend on there and we are a very competitive family let me tell you!

Hope to see you challenging me soon!

Chanelle xx

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